Dayspring Empowerment Course
For Baby Boomers and Those Who Love Them


The Dayspring Empowerment Course covers the many things to consider when determining the needs of your loved one. Dayspring walks you through what is needed at different stages along the spectrum, from independence to being entirely dependent on others for physical and financial protection. Topics the course covers include:

Talking with your loved one about the situation

  • How to assess the current situation and decide what your loved one needs
  • How to navigate different ideas of “home”
  • When and how to intervene
  • When and how to involve others
  • How to navigate family dynamics to realize a positive outcome

Financial planning

  • How to evaluate finances to determine if they permit what your loved one thinks he/she wants
  • How to plan financially for a future that involves additional care

Medical considerations

  • Ensuring your loved one receives proper medical care

Legal considerations

  • Navigating the legal challenges of guardianship, conservatorship, trustees, and elder care
  • Legal protections for your loved one

The role of others

  • How commercial guardians and the media figure into these situations

 Maintaining your own health

  • How to stay healthy throughout this process and protect your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

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