Dayspring Empowerment Summit

Your aging loved one’s changing needs

The videos and audios in this Summit feature people from all walks of life who have been through a loved one’s journey. Some are also experts in elder care, journalism, and law who are at the cutting edge of re-examining ways to redefine the final stages of life. They have “been through it” themselves.

Representatives of nonprofits attempting to help families in the guardianship process also speak, as do attorneys (one of whom has also been a guardian for a family member). They describe how they managed— sometimes successfully and sometimes less so—to care for loved ones at a distance.

  • What were their greatest challenges?
  • What changes they needed to make in their lives?
  • Would they do the same things again?
  • Did the media help or hurt their cause?

Their insights and experiences are provided to help you navigate your own situation.

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